1st Song Rotation

Hey guys.....As promised I've deleted a couple of tracks and added a couple of newbies. New tracks added are 'Love My Car' & 'Ruby Blue'. Deleted were 'Merry Christmas America' & 'Little Miss Beautiful'.....but don't stress - if you wanted to download either of those and left your run a bit late just send me a message and I'll let you know how to access them. Hope you enjoy the new additions - leave me a comment so I'll know what you think.

We're currently working on a new track 'The Star'. Will let you all know when it's done. Good news (for me) 'Crazy In Love' has been creating a lot of attention among some music supervisors and producers within the music industry. Fingers crossed you'll be hearing more of it real soon.

Keep listening......you are the ones we make our music for.


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