Hello October

Eight months down the track and still no end in sight for this crippling Pandemic! Well at least we've had lots of new music to listen to and I'd like to add to that with two of my latest. 'Mama' ..... A traditional Blues track with Bobby taking the lead vocal with his usual unique style giving the song an interesting slant. And the second track....'Do It Right'..... Something of a Daft Punk inspired track....Bobby once again on lead.

Currently working on a climate inspired retro acoustic Bob Dylan style song.....hoping to put it up here Nov/Dec but it's proving more challenging than I anticipated.....lots of takes left on the cutting room floor.....but will persevere so listen out for that one.

Any feedback happily accepted so don't be shy.

Hope you're all coping okay and that soon (very soon) we can get on top of this virus thing and get back out there and play once again.


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