DJMCM: Who am I - good question - I wonder that myself sometimes!

Well what I am is an Australian author/poet/lyricist/song writer. My family tree is littered with literary folk - the most notable being the iconic Australian author/poet Henry Lawson so I guess I was always destined to be a wordsmith.

I was born in Hobart Tasmania (for those who don't know of Tasmania it's an island off the south eastern coast of Australia). 

My literary journey began almost as soon as I could hold a pen. My musical journey  can also be linked to my literary works as it was during the writing of my musical adventure trilogy 'The Fearless Five' where I was challenged with writing the songs which appear in the story - it also prompted me to pick up the guitar again for the purpose of providing the melodies for those songs. I happy to say it has continued since.

I have recently finished writing a non-fiction book 'BOB' (Book Of Bullshit) which explores some of the social and political bullshit going down today. 'BOB' is now available through this website or from any EBook site. I am also currently deep into the writing of a fourth novel to conclude the story of 'The Fearless Five' titled 'The Hang-Up' which should see the light of day in 2019.

Would love to keep in contact with you guys so to that end will be producing a newsletter to be sent from this site so if you'd like to keep in touch just add you name to the email list.